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Pemilihan MPT KEADILAN 2010: Percaturan Sudah Bermula

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Artikel Saya Yang Tersiar Dalam Suara Keadilan Pada 21 Oktober 2010

Oleh Hamdan M. Salleh   
pemilihan-PKRPemilihan KEADILAN 2010 nampaknya semakin mendapat perhatian, baik yang positif mahupun negatif. Akhbar Sunday Star tanggal 17 Oktober menjadikannya berita utama muka depan. Sinar Harian sejak daripada MATC memberi kolum dan ruang khusus untuknya.

Malah media cetak yang dipersepsikan pro-BN seperti Utusan Malaysia dan Berita Harian serta New Straits Times turut berminat. Begitu juga warkah Cina dan Tamil memberi ruang membincangkan Pemilihan KEADILAN.
Media baru seperti Malaysiakini, MalaysianInsider malah media sesawang kelolaan Raja Petra, Malaysia Today amat jelas berminat dengan proses ini. Para blogger seperti biasa  mengeluarkan pelbagai analisa dan kisah hebat tentang apa yang berlaku.

Tentunya proses yang berlaku dalam KEADILAN ini suatu perkembangan yang besar dan menarik minat. Mengapa? Kerana proses Pemilihan KEADILAN ini unik dek kerana uniknya parti ini.

Ini perlu diakui, unik tidak bermakna semuanya baik-baik sahaja. Unik juga tidak membawa maksud semuanya negatif semata-mata. Keunikan ini terhasil dari pelbagai peristiwa yang berlaku dalam KEADILAN. Positif dan negatif. Itu maksud unik.

Jadi bila artikel ini serta artikel-artikel terdahulu mengatakan bahawa KEADILAN itu parti yang unik, bukanlah kerana ingin memuji KEADILAN semata-mata.

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Azmin’s moment is at hand

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The Star, Tuesday October 19, 2010


By Joceline Tan

Blue-eyed boy Azmin Ali denies he has problems with Anwar Ibrahim’s family while projecting himself as the man who can take the party to Putrajaya.
AT this point in time, it looks like Azmin Ali is on course to become the next deputy president of PKR.
Azmin had kept a rather low profile throughout the nominations stage, preferring to let his supporters speak for him.
But all that ended after he handed in his nomination papers for the post on Saturday.

Desperate Politicians, Desperate Housewives

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Farish A Noor

I once had the misfortune to watch an episode of a program called ‘Desperate Housewives’, and as the title suggests, the program was precisely about that and it reminded me of just why I loathe such chick-flicks and chick-pulp so very, very much.

This particular episode had some forgettable character (Housewife A) in a fit because of her marital problems with Husband A. Housewife A then goes to chat with her neighbour, Housewife B, to vent her spleen about all her husband’s problems.
Though I confess that I havent watched all the episodes of this rather tiresome series, I gathered that Housewife A wasnt the sharpest tool in the box, as she obviously didnt suspect that Housewife B also happened to be the local neighbourhood radio station, so to speak.
In time Housewife B did what she does best, which was to run along to Housewives C, D, E, et al and to tell the whole street about the problems between Housewife A and her husband – namely, that he suffered from erectile dysfunction and there were some problems in his plumbing department. The rest, as they say, is herstory and what a tedious story it was too. The moral of the tale could be summed up in one sentence which would have spared me 60 precious minutes when I could have polished my shoes instead: Dont go gossiping about your problems to people who cant keep their mouths shut. Ho Hum.

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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in PKR

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Brave New World By AZMI SHAROM

The ongoing party elections and a recent book launch show the different, sometimes opposing, faces of Parti Keadilan Rakyat.
THE last two weeks has seen Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) acting in a way that is akin to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. On the one hand its party elections have so far been conducted in a manner that does not reflect well on it. On the other hand, an event last week showed the vast potential of PKR.
Let’s discuss the party elections first. As far as I know, this is the first time that a Malaysian political party is having direct elections for party posts. That is to say, one member one vote as opposed to party divisions having the vote.

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A wake up call for Anwar

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MENDAN: A very frank analysis by Joceline Tan. It's time the PR to WALK THE TALK.

Analysis By Joceline Tan

Raja Petra Kamarudin went on the offensive against Pakatan Rakyat and PKR at a forum in London. Is he about to turn his back on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim or is it because he is growing impatient about coming home?

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Its sickening. The battle of two pools : LIVERPOOL 1 BLACKPOOL 2.

Liverpool FC in the relegation battle!!!

What happen now? From Top 4 previously, now the Reds are bottom 4. To be exact Third From Bottom. To be more precise 18 from 20. Even Hodgson's former team Fulham is in the Top 10. At 9 is Blackpool. The other big 4? Chelsea at the top, Man U at 3rd and Arsenal at No. 4. As usual.

The Premiership match after hopefully is not to be another black day. The irony is it will be the game against BLACKburn the 10th of Oct. . Before that against Napoli in the Europa League.

Please woke up. This is going to be the worst season for the Reds. Its not good enough so far. So far sooooo good bye to Top 5, Europa League or even The Premiership status. A team comprises of Gerrard (captain of England), Torres & Pepe Reina (World Cup winners), Kuyt & Babbel (World Cup runners-up), Maxi (Argentinian star), Joe Cole, Glen Johnson & Carra of England, Poulsen of Denmark, Meireles of Portugal shouldn't be at the bottom of the table. We still have the 'ever reliable fire engine-world class-Rafa love me - now Hodgson also love me ' LUCAS LEIVA

Liverpool ... are you Blackpool in disguise?