Rabu, Januari 26, 2011

The Religious Pluralism Debate: A Critique By Dr Dzul

dari ChangkatNingkeBTP

 Article by YB Dr Zul (MP Kuala Selangor) dated 31 Dec 2010
As the curtain draws to a close for the last year of the first decade in the third millennium, I wanted to just sit back and peruse the many edited writings and commentaries for my book “In Search of a Better Malaysia”. The indulgence was rather short-lived when it dawns on me that I have failed to provide any commentary on an equally troubling acrimonious debate that is raging dangerously in the nation. Yes, how could I miss that one?

Selasa, Januari 04, 2011

The PKR Leadership Dilemma

dari ChangkatNingkeBTP

Guest Writer (Sin Chew Daily)
The PKR is in great danger of losing a bunch of leaders. The party is bleeding and no one has stepped forward to either take responsibility for the exodus or the lack of effective response.
Two things about the average politicians, the ones who build their lives being politicians before statesmen:
1) They don’t bet their careers on uncertainties, and 
(2) They don’t want to be the last one off a sinking ship.

And the average politicians inundate the roster of potential and present leaders in the party.
I’m not taking this opportunity to hurt my colleagues in the party. I’m just saying we have to accept our limitations, but that is the easy part. The harder part is to make all links in the chain strong, not just the ones who appear on banners as star attractions for ceramahs.But to the bleeding first.

The party has been losing belief since the last quarter of 2008. Belief is the core component of opposition politics. When you have no power, you must believe in your ability to affect change with limited access and retain your belief that you will secure power eventually. Otherwise, every day would be an exercise in futility waiting for your idealism to wear down, next press your inevitable exit countdown button.