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PAS Election: Picking the perfect No. 2

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Article written by Joceline Tan of The Star dated May 15, 2011.

The contest for the post of PAS deputy president picks up pace as the party struggles to find the perfect deputy to complement their president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang.
DATUK Seri Hadi Awang has been looking a little more modern ever since he ditched his old-fashioned metal-rims for trendy retro-style spectacles.

He also looks a little slimmer now that he is watching his diet following a mild stroke last year. His habit of downing heavy meals after the late night ceramah is a thing of the past.

He has stopped riding horses but still indulges in his favourite pastime, angling. Recently, he caught a whopper of a fish during a trip to Tasik Kenyir. It was a beautiful ikan temoleh that was almost as long as his torso and he held it up like a proud father.

Hadi is looking quite good – physically, that is. Morally, too, he is up there. He is respected as a theologian with not a whiff of scandal to his name and he is still living in that old kampung house by the Rusila Mosque where his religious lectures are amplified from the tallest minaret on Fridays.

But there are rumblings on the ground about his leadership of PAS – he is too provincial, not political enough, lacks economic know-how and flip-flops on issues. His standing as an ulama is unrivalled but, increasingly, more and more people have doubts that he is Prime Minister material.

However, Hadi is on course to retain the PAS presidency which he has held since the 2002 death of the far more politically-savvy Datuk Fadzil Noor. Despite such shortcomings, he is still PAS’ leading choice for president.

Recently, the party’s Bukit Bintang division caused a stir when it nominated Kelantan politician Datuk Husam Musa for the top post. It upset people in the party, including Husam, who quickly said he was not qualified for the post.

PAS will vote for a new leadership line-up on June 3.

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