Rabu, September 19, 2012

Pra-PRU 13 Selangor : There’s something about Selangor

dari ChangkatNingkeBTP

Selena Tay, Free Malaysia Today, September 19, 2012

The decision by the Pakatan Rakyat-helmed Selangor state government to dissolve the State Legislative Assembly next year seems to have greatly annoyed the Barisan Nasional leaders who have openly accused the Selangor government of being afraid of losing.

And Pakatan will lose Selangor because the dirty voter rolls will enable BN to regain Selangor easily.
As BN is so cocksure of getting back Selangor, it will only be a matter of time so it has to be patient for just a few more months.
Still, this means that BN’s plan to hold the polls in November, assuming that it is in November, has encountered a minor glitch for it must be thinking of recapturing Selangor in the 13th general election.

Isnin, September 17, 2012

PRU13: Going solo could backfire on Selangor

dari ChangkatNingkeBTP

Artikel menarik oleh Joceline Tan dalam The Star bertarikh 16 September 2012. Persaingan untuk mendapatkan Selangor semaki  menarik. Saya sedang menyiapkan satu kajian berkenaan peluang PR dan BN dalam PRU 13 di Selangor berdasarkan kajian awal berdasarkan taburan etnik, isu-isu setempat  dan faktor rubanisasi (meminjam istilah sahabat saya YB Yusmadi Yusuf).

Pakatan Rakyat is taking a big gamble in deciding not to go along with the general election if it takes place by the end of this year.
DATUK Seri Anwar Ibrahim made a grand entrance at the PAS Hari Raya open house in downtown Kuala Lumpur last week – he arrived in his campaign bus. It is still quite a novelty seeing him in the glammed-up double-decker and there was excitement as the bus rolled in.
The PKR de facto leader has been quite a newsmaker over the last few weeks. First, there was the nasty business of the bus getting splashed with red paint when it stopped over in Kota Baru. A couple of flying bricks also left two starburst shatters on the front windscreen of the bus.