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Rafa Oh Rafa ....

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mEnDan says ...

Something is not right with Liverpol FC (LFC) right now. The 0-2 defeat to Chelsea meant that LFC have now lost 3 games from 8. The 0-2 defeat to Fiorentona meant that LFC have lost 2 consensecutive games. What more with Dark October coming with games against the unpredictable Sunderland (A), The Old Enemy of Man U & Owen (H) (for heaven sake Rafa, please win that game)and followed by Murphy's inspired Fulham. In addition, the mighty Lyon (2 games) are waiting in the Champion's League. That's massive. Carragher & Skrtel should beware. The Defense have been very generous now. Ten goals already in the league.

It does not help with the conflict between Rafa and the co-owner, the psych war against Sir Alex. Does it works Rafa? Nope for sure. So, what now? The the Kops have enought patience? Sure for now. Its because of the passion. But, for how long? Remember Gerard Houlier? The one who was initially appointed along with Ronnie Evans as co-manager. After Evans left (remember Spice Boys of Fowler, Babb, McAteer etc?), GH won us 5 thropies in a row. The League Cup, The FA Cup, The UEFA Cup, The Charity Shield and the Super Cup (Do the last 2 thropies meant so much? I doubt). He was celebrated for sure. The worf the Reds Revivals were mentioned then. Unfortunately, it failed to materialized. Not only that, the famous youth academy factory that produced among others Fowler, Owen, McManaman, Carragher, Warnock, Thompson, Gerrard etc were almost destroyed by GH. There're no new Gerrard, Carragher or Owen for the past 8 years. Only a handful of fringe player could be named such as Patridge, Hobbs, Nemeth etc.

So Rafa, please rebuild the academy. Its have been to long the academy faled to produced stars. The youngsters should be thrust into the first time. Nemeth (now on-loan to Greece) is much better thah Voronin and Ngog. What about others? How on earth can Lucas be in the first XI? For sure there's somebody in the Reserve or Youth Squad than can be thrusted into the midfield.

Anoher main concern is the partner of F. Torres. Neither Ngog nor Voronin suits Torres. Look at other teams; Berbatov-Owen -Rooney of Man U, Anelka-Drogba of Chelsea, van Pierse-Ashavin of Arsenal, Bent-Jones of Sunderland, Agbonlahor-Carew of Villa, Keane-Crouch-Defoe-P'chenko of Spurs, Saha-Jo of Everton. Need I say more? Liverpol ? Torres - Voronin - Kyut or Babbel-Ngog? Does the LFC's list convincing? Remember old days? Rush-Aldridge, Rush - Dalglish - Beardsley- Barnes - Walsh. Even Collymore - Fowler is formidable. What about GH's English trio of Heskey-Owen-Fowler? What happen if Torres injured or off form. We canot rely solely on Gerrard. Do get a new world striker. Nor in the mould of Morientes please. David Villa fits just nice.

On the brighter side,Standard Chartered Bank will be replacing the danish brewery, Carlsberg as the shirt sponsor. Thank god for that. It is important to note that LFC have not won the league since 1990-2009 when Carlsberg became the main sponsor. Irony. Hopefully with the new sponsor, LFC will sober enough throughout next season to win its 19th league title. For this season? I'm not very sure. Furthermore, with the new sponsor, it's time for the Kops to visit Malaysia for a friendly or two. Maybe Lverpool VS Selangor ? I'll be waiting for that moment. As well waiting the Middle East investors, the F6 Group. Ahlan Wa Sahla Ila Liverpool.


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