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WC10 : England Lost? No Worry, There's A World Cup At BTP That Cost RM350 (with a complimentary photo session!).

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This is my first comment on the on-going World Cup. As I'm writing this stuff, WC2010 is on its final days. Tomorrow will be the 'nobody cares' 3rd place play-off between Uruguay & Germany. The day after is the final of Netherlands & Spain.

Let me focus on the all-conquering Three Lions. The even plan to stage a mammoth rally should they win the WC! Well No Worry The England's team dismal performance in the World Cup is not without reasons. Lots of them.

This is my comment published in the Malay Mail Online on July 5 2010:

1. No world class keepers.
2. Slow-response centerbacks in Terry & Ferdinand ... or Upson (almost relegated) or Carragher (getting slower) or King (injury prone) and Dawson (not playing)
3. A right back who do not know how to defend ...aka. ... Johnson
4. A left back who supposed to be the best in the world ...Ash cole?
5. A useless Gareth Barry. Only rated by the BPL overrated & over commercialized media
6. A couple who cannot work together ...aka ... Gerrard & Lampard (compare Iniesta& Xavi , Ozil& Khedira)
7. No left winger
8. Useless right winger ... aka Lennon (not from the Beatles)
9. A striker who cant score .. Heskey.
10. A very tired Wayne Rooney
11. Strikers who score goals but in the eye of Capello is worst than Heskey .... Defoe, Crouch (look at his England's strike rate) ...Darren Bent?

In other words ... England need a total revamp ... new team ... the present team is over exaggerated and think they were world class ...

But no worry. If you still want the cup, just go to a sport shop at BTP here in Malaysia. You can get the trophy for RM350 (roughly 60 pounds). Its cheap and looks real ... and comes with free photo of one of you guys.

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