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WC10 : Spain the World Champions. Why the Spaniards are better than the English?

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Congrats to the Spain football team as they won 1-0 against the spirited Dutch at this morning WC Final. As a Reds its truly amazing to see Torres & Pepe Reina won the World Cup. As also the ex-Reds of Alonso and Arbeloa. Sorry for Kuyt and Babbel in the Dutch contingent ... who guys had tried your best. Several Reds performed admirably in the WC2010 namely Skrtel (Slovakia), Agger (Denmark), Mascherano (Argentina -captain) and not to be forgotten the English duo of Gerrard (the captain) and Jamie Carragher.

However the Spanish are truly great. A reversed 0-1 to the Swiss as only a temporary blip. They move to won mostly 1-0 till the final. They were several reasons they're better than the English team who were considered as favorites:
1. Spain have 3 ... I repeat, THREE world class goalkeepers. Apart from Iker the Captain, they have the penalty-stopper expert in Pepe Reina of Liverpool. The third keeper? The Barcelona custodian, Valdes. England? NONE
2. In Centerback. just compare between Terry & partners (whoever they were) with Puyol and Pique of Barcelona. I rest my case.
3. Right back? The world class Ramos. His deputy? Arbeloa, the x-Reds.
4. Left back Capdevilla and Albiol. Just compae then to so called world class of A Cole.
5. The midfield dynamo of Xavi & Iniesta. With the support of Alonso & Busquets. Even Fabregas is on the sub. Add David Silva and you have a two midfield team. Even Senna was not picked this time. Need I Say more? Stevie G & Lamps? Though world class but cant play as a unit. Barry... sorry.
6. Wingers aplenty such as Navas, Pedro and even Villa who can score using both feets.
7. Striker... Villa & Torres with Llorente and Mata as back ups. Truly amazing. Just compare with Capello's Heskey?
8. Del Basque the coach. Quite but unassuming. Very experience both as player and coach of Real Madrid.

In other words, England need to reform ... need a good team ...look at Germany and Holland, they have able back-ups. and off course... over-commercialization is not a good thing to build a team.

Me? back to Football Manager.

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